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The type of assessment will depend on your child’s age, speech and language difficulties and how detailed an assessment is required.

A speech and language assessment may be carried out in school or at home and will involve some direct work with your child as well as running through a case history form with parents.

Reports and Statement Reports

Following an assessment, it is recommended that you receive a report outlining and summarising the assessment findings and any further recommendations.


Depending on the assessment findings, therapy may or may not be recommended. Therapy may be recommended weekly, occasionally twice weekly or less frequently.


In some cases more indirect work (e.g. via a programme given to parents or school) may be more appropriate, although this would always be put together and monitored by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist.


ChatterBox Therapy is also able to offer training sessions in school for teachers and support staff. These sessions help to inform staff on the role of Speech and Language Therapists in schools, build on staff knowledge of speech and language impairments and develop ideas to support children’s speech and language in school.


Sessions from £45
Assessments from £130 with written report

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